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This is the blog for Jeff Hedglen - I heard once that good preaching should comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable. I can only pray that the words within will meet this standard.

Falling with no understanding

Jeff Hedglen

I don’t think I will ever understand it. I probably am not supposed to, but it bothers me that life can end so suddenly for some and for others it can end like a light that you move away from ever so slowly… you know it will go out but it just won’t, it teasingly flickers… than comes back… then flickers on and on it goes hopes rise, then fall and rise and fall… and then finally… agonizingly it goes out. Still for others it ends with a hundred of kisses each night before bed after 60 wonderful years of marriage.
The first example just happened to a friend
The second was my mom
The third was my brother’s in-laws
All great God loving people, two taken too soon and the other “just right” if that makes any sense.
In my faith filled mind I know our destiny is death and resurrection and eternity with Jesus
In my flesh feeling heart it just hurts
I have many more stories, than the three above, of life ending… more and more as my years grow longer – yet no more answers.
To the grieving I have no words that quench the flood of tears or bring peace to the raging storm of emotions or answer the whys, "what ifs" and "if onlys". I have only one thing to offer.
My presence
In prayer
In person
In spirit
In sorrow
In love
In faith
Falling into the arms of Jesus
There I find the trust that I seek
Falling into the arms of Jesus
There I go oh when I am weak
Falling into the arms of Jesus
That is when I know that I am home